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Voltage Glow In The Dark Hair Gel

Voltage Glow In The Dark Hair Gel
Voltage Glow In The Dark Hair GelVoltage Glow In The Dark Hair GelVoltage Glow In The Dark Hair GelVoltage Glow In The Dark Hair Gel
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Product Description

Nightime Pop Concerts outdoors and in indoor theatres and stadiums (The Glow stick has been around for years as a concert/event "Merch" item, Voltage is the next step!), Large gathering night time events like Stadium concerts, Fireworks displays, Street Carnivals and Parades will never be the same again! Now everyone in the crowd can be lit up too..., Think Nigthtime Indoor/ Outdoor Sports Events (Hair in Team colours etc), games and hunting, Trail marking, Outdoor Festivals / Displays and Activities. TV, Theatre , Film and Stage Make up and Special Effects accessory. Theme parties, Fancy dress competitions, Goth/Horror Houses / Museums, Special events, Dance Parties, Raves, Nightclubs, Bars, Contests, Children's parties, Beach Parties, Nite time barbecues, Fireworks and Bonfire displays, the list goes on.....Voltage can also be applied to objects, banners, cars, (Tyre trims, trim etc...) posters, wood, plastic, metal, rubber, so you can see the potential. Large Holiday Centres, Resorts, Theme Parks, Summer Camps, and Cruise companies will recognise the enormous sales potential of Voltage from their huge turnover of customers young and old.

Thats the beauty of this product, temporary and safe and Voltage Washes out with normal shampoo. Lasts for 8 hours, (has been known to last 17 hours...) and is easy to apply. Can be Blended into the hair, streaked,tipped and comes in 4 vibrant colours.

Voltage is made for nighttime activities (starting at about "half-light" into total darkness). Glow effects are not visible in a normally lit room. This is why we suggest users do not saturate the hair, it can over kill the base colour in room light. I would suggest getting together an informal group of teens in a venue such as a dance club, concert, other. Let them have their way with the product. Stand back and watch the reaction!

1) Open, mix and stir thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. The mixture will begin to glow.
2) It takes about 30 minutes for it to brighten up fully..
3) FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply thickly in "streaks", or tip the hair. Golden Rule!: Do not Saturate the hair!!. This is a product for nite time or dim light environments. Under normal light/indoor lamplight too much product will ruin your look!!. Use imagination and finesse!
4) The gel drys to a "tacky" feel.
5) Wash hands after application.
6) To remove Voltage, simply wash out with shampoo before going to bed.

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