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Travel Size Butane Gas

Travel Size Butane Gas
Travel Size Butane Gas Travel Size Butane Gas
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Product Description

Butane Gas. These lighter refill butane gas canisters have a universal tip that fits all types of gas refill ports on your lighter. Butane gas is the cheap and effective way to refill your lighter, keeping your favorite lighter filled and ready to light at any time. The perfect thing about this butane gas is it size. Most other butane gas lighter refills come in a large metal canister that is not practical to carry around, yet your lighter can run out of gas at any time leaving you with out a functional lighter. This travel size container means you can easily carry this fluid in your pocket, bag or backpack and it will stay out of the way until you are ready to use it. This means you will never have to deal with and empty lighter or a huge canister of butane again. This 18 ml canister is all you need and fills a typical lighter up to 20 times. Portable butane refills ship in assorted colors. The color of the canister does not have any bearing on the butane gas inside. The color is for product decoration only. We can not ship this item via UPS Air Shipping

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