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Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)

Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)
Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)
Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)Stone Hide-A-Safe (LARGE)
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Product Description

Where would a wiseman hide a pebble? On the beach!

The Stash Stone is simply ingenious. The size, shape, texture and color of a random rock that could easily be found in any garden; the stash stone reveals a secret compartment underneath that can be used to store spare keys, money or whatever you like really! This water Tight cast concrete stash stone is ideal for gardens, flower beds, terrariums or basically anywhere you believe it to disguise its secret identity.

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