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Smoke Eliminator Smokeless AshTray

Smoke Eliminator Smokeless AshTray
Smoke Eliminator Smokeless AshTraySmoke Eliminator Smokeless AshTray
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Product Description

This is THE INCREDIBLE smokeless ashtray. What makes this smokeless ashtray different than all the others you may ask, well the answer is every thing. Smokeless ashtrays have been around for years and they all work the same, they dissipate the smoke from a dense form to an "aired out" form giving the illusion the smoke is gone, well guess what? It's still there. This revolutionary products is a smoke killing powerhouse unlike it's predecessors. The way it works is nothing short of simple yet ingenious engineering. The smoke is sucked by a powerful silent motor much faster then it can be emitted from the cigarette meaning all the residual smoke off the cigarette is being dealt with the instant it leaves the cigarette. After it is sucked away from the immediate environment it is blown threw a series of nano-tech filters and finally threw an activated carbon filter, completely eliminating all hazardous toxins and 100% of the smell produced by cigarette smoke. When the new fresh air is expelled it will be as clean as mountain air. This smoke absorbing process is exclusive this this unit, so don't be fooled by imitators! As if this powerhouses performance wasn't it best feature it takes it to the next level. The Smokeless ashtray was designed for not only your home but your car too! It will fit perfectly and snugly into any cup holder in your vehicle. This smokeless ashtray also comes included with a 12 adapter so you can easily plug it into your cars lighter socket. The smokeless ashtray also can takes 2 AAA batteries that will last for a long time of use. Perfect for your home since this ashtray eliminates orders. No more smelly car, bedroom, living room or wherever. Since it's perfect for the car you can now smoke with your window up in cold or inclement weather, or when on the parkway at high rates of speed with out the nasty remnant smoke. Even people who smoke find lingering second hand smoke offensive will no longer be bothered when using this revolutionary product. Watch as this incredible machine eliminates the hazard of second hand smoke keeping your loved ones and children safe against the brutal effects of second hand smoke. The only question left is what kind of smoker are you if you don't have this smoke killing ashtray? Not a responsible one that's for sure!

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