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SkulBone Tribal Girls Tank Top

SkulBone Tribal Girls Tank Top
SkulBone Tribal Girls Tank TopSkulBone Tribal Girls Tank Top
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Product Description

Skulbone prints with a process called discharge printing. Discharge printing is a rarely used printing process that involves printing on a dark colored garment "blind".

When printing, the ink is actually transparent on the shirt and when it's dried, the process pulls the dye out of the shirt and leaves the ink color behind.

The very cool thing about this process is the ink becomes the shirt.

Instead of coating the shirt like the industry standard process: which cracks, flakes off and is quite uncomfortable on the more sensitive areas of the chest. Our process removes all that and just leaves you with a shirt that doesn't suck.

So we present you with 100% Cotton Hand Dyed Pre-Washed/ Dried Adult Tees and Stretch-fit 100% Ribbed Cotton Comfort Tank Tops for the ladies.

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