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Shadow Dancers Sound Reactive Light Show T-Shirt

Shadow Dancers Sound Reactive Light Show T-Shirt
Shadow Dancers Sound Reactive Light Show T-ShirtShadow Dancers Sound Reactive Light Show T-Shirt
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Product Description

The actual sound-reactive frequency-based lighting pattern of the "spotlight rays" makes this shirt totally amazing to look at in use, much cooler than the continuous swirl in our picture. These Shadow Dancers shirts use the same technology as our ultra popular Sound Equalizer shirts. The lines of this design react like an equalizer to sound and will light different lines, bouncing to match the beat of music or other sound sources. The super-thin flexible design is sewn right onto the shirt and feels somewhat like a thick iron-on transfer. Comes with a tiny driver unit that sits in a hidden pocket on the inside of the shirt. Select either high or low sensitivity to sound. High sensitivity is designed to respond to voices or everyday sounds. Low sensitivity is used in clubs where there is high-volume music blasting. The Shadow Dancers design is one of our large Mega EL designs and measures about 5.5" x 4.25".

All shirts are 100% cotton and hand-washable/hang dry (do not launder in machines). Simply remove the driver unit and cables from the inside of the shirt.

Drivers use 4 easily-replaceable AAA batteries. Shirt is 100% cotton, available in adult sizes Small through XL.

Please note: Unlike our normal E-shirts and EL shirts, this tee has a sewn-on design and a custom sound-sensitive driver, and thus the design panels and drivers from our regular E-shirts and EL shirts are NOT interchangeable with this shirt.

Handling and CARE instructions

Your shirt comes with a 7 day money back guarantee against DOA or shipping damage. To get the most life from your new shirt make sure and follow these instructions:

Care instructions:

Washing: Detach controller from EL Panel by unplugging the cord near the panel in the inside of the shirt and gently hand wash and hang up to dry.

Handling: Please try not bend the EL panel dramatically or it will damage some of the lights.

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