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Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)

Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)
Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)
Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted)
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Product Description

Non-Piercing Magnetic Ear Plug (Assorted). Fake magnetic jewelry is perfect for daily use or costumes! Get All the great looks of a ear plug with out the holes! Ever dream of having an Ear Piercing but you don't want the painful and permanent effects of an actual piercing? Then this is your solution! Some people can't wear their Earrings to work or school.. Others don't want the permanent effect and pain that goes along with the piercing process. Nobody will know its a fake! Powerful yet gentle magnets keep the jewelry in place until you take it off! The great part about this plug earring is that it's double sided! On one side there is a CZ stone and on the other side it's flat. You can wear it either way! This Single Plug Earring ships in assorted colors.

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