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Make Your Own Ice Luge

Make Your Own Ice Luge
Make Your Own Ice LugeMake Your Own Ice LugeMake Your Own Ice LugeMake Your Own Ice LugeMake Your Own Ice Luge
Make Your Own Ice Luge
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Product Description

Ice Luge Mold & Block Stand. Have you ever wanted to have an ice luge like you see at bars and weddings at your back yard party but not know where to go to get one? This is the solution! Why spend tons of your hard earned money on frozen water when you can do it yourself! This ice luge mold is an at home do it yourself solution that you can freeze in your own home freezer. After the luge is frozen simply remove the ice from the mold. After the ice is removed flip the mold, insert the angle legs and the mold turns into an ice stand the holds the luge on the perfect angle! To use the luge pour your favorite liquor or mixed drink down the luge groove to instantly chill the beverage. you can pour the drink either in to a serving glass or even directly in to the drinkers mouth! This makes taking shots fun and easy and is a refreshing way to have a blast! Each mold makes one 17.25"X11"X4.5" ice luge that fits perfectly on the stand and fits in almost any home freezer! Molds Ship in assorted colors.


  • Ice luge sculpture is the "coolest" way to serve drinks.
  • Just freeze water in the mold for 24 hours and it'll form a chunk of ice that looks like a luge hill with paths.
  • Pop the ice out and flip the mold over to use as a base.
  • As the liquor flows down, it gets colder and chills your favorite shot!
  • Detailed instructions included.
  • Great for pool parties, BBQs, Birthdays, Day at the Beach or weekend festivities!
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