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Manic Panic Hair Color Styling Gel

Manic Panic Hair Color Styling Gel
Manic Panic Hair Color Styling Gel Manic Panic Hair Color Styling Gel
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Product Description

Manic Panic Temporary Hair Color Styling Gel Is a thick opaque temporary hair color styling "gel" available in tub or tube.This hard holding formula may be used for styling as well as coloring. It is available in 5 neon shades that glow under black "Club" light plus an extreme silver metallic : Stiletto�.

The DYE HARD� Gel may be used for spiking, tipping, adding a streak dash or splash of color, coloring an entire head. (One of our users of MANIC PANIC�Cotton Candy Pink�Hair Color insists that new Electric Flamingo� DYE HARD� Gel is the perfect product to use as a temp touch up for roots in between dye jobs!).

It is very easy to use: Just place gel on fingertips and apply to hair. Be creative and have fun with it! DYE HARD� Gel dries hard and holds hair in place. This productdoes it all - styles, holds, adds color all in one!

Stiletto� when used alone has an unbeatable "sterling silver" effect. Even better, you can mix Stiletto� with any of the neons to create colored metallic shades.You can mix any of the colors together to create unique shades! (Electric Sky� + Electric Flamingo�+Stiletto�makes a wild looking metallic purple!) This product does what no other styling gel or temp, hair color does!

Best thing about the DYE HARD� Gel is that the non-staining formula will shampoo right out of your hair with ease. This product is ideal for kids and adults alike who seek "color without commitment".

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