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Kok Block Dojo T-Shirt (Navy)

Kok Block Dojo T-Shirt (Navy)
Kok Block Dojo T-Shirt (Navy)Kok Block Dojo T-Shirt (Navy)
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Product Description

Crack Smokin’ T-shirts are far more then just a novelty, they’re a lifestyle. A company that covers all bases of the crude t-shirts market, making people laugh and cringe day in and day out. All shirts are 100% soft cotton with awesome silk screen print and a wild message. Take your ordinary offensive t-shirt to the next level of obscenity. Tired of your friends getting laid and you being left out? No problem. Join the academy of the Kok Blok Dojo, where every one is going home alone, as they came, with their friends. Learn such moves as the "remember when you had that std last week", and the "so how was work today? Oh, I forgot you don't have a job!" The journey to your friends celibacy starts here. cuz we all know if you aint gettin' some, aint nobody.

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