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Kiss Rock -N- Roll Checkers

Kiss Rock -N- Roll Checkers
Kiss Rock -N- Roll CheckersKiss Rock -N- Roll Checkers
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Product Description

Rock & Roll Over With Kiss Checkers is the game that plays like checkers, that is if you could play guitar, spit blood and breath fire! Each time you jump your opponent's pieces you can turn over the checker and follow the instructions on the other side, adding a crazy new twist to this classic game. Every move and jump will revel a exciting command that could alter the game for better or for worse. Some of the crazy commands you will find are:: Opponent places one check back into play, Opponent moves their checker any-where on the board, Remove on of you opponents kings and many many more. Some checker contain no special commands and just have a kiss band member on the opposite side. This Wild checker game includes 24 Kiss command checkers (12 Grey & 12 black), 1 Kiss themed checker board and detailed play instructions to define the commands. This officially licensed Kiss Merchandise is the perfect gift for all kiss fans!

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