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JOB 1.25 Rolling Papers

JOB 1.25 Rolling Papers
JOB 1.25 Rolling PapersJOB 1.25 Rolling Papers
Price: $2.99
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Product Description

Novelty rolling papers are the great new way to add a fresh feel to an “old sport”. Whether you like flavored papers or just cool prints and designs, you will find yourself anxiously waiting to roll the next fatty! Impress your friends with outrageous new packaging and prints that will show off your smoking style. These papers hold enough to satisfy the biggest cravings and will roll smooth for a perfect jay every time. Our rolling papers are non-toxic, made of pure hemp and only utilize soy-based inks and sugar gums. With Gone Blue.com’s selection and prices, you may want to start a novelty rolling paper collection, so stock up today! Item is 1.25" size. Each pack comes with 32 leaves.

**Note.  All smoking Accessories on this site must be paid for with a Major Credit Card.  We are unable to accept any other forms of payment for smoking related items.

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