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Inflatable Comfort Pocket Pillow

Inflatable Comfort Pocket Pillow
Inflatable Comfort Pocket PillowInflatable Comfort Pocket Pillow
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Product Description

The inflatable pocket pillow is the any time, any where solution to to your on the go relaxation needs. Fear long car rides and train commutes no more! This simple yet effective inflatable pillow has two chambers which can be individually filled with more or less air to produce a firm supportive pillow or a soft plush pillow. The inflatable pocket pillow's second chamber in designed for greater neck support, it does this by gently elevating the middle portion of the neck, allowing you head to rest in a proper, well supported position, eliminating neck pain and discomfort. Great For Trips! Take this pillow with you on the road in your car, on the train to work on the bus to the mall or take it to the beach to support your head on the sand with out ruining your good pillows! Pocket Pillow is felt covered plastic and is hand washable. Since it does not hold foreign bodies like sand or dirt, you are free to use this out doors too! Picnics, BBQ's, the rodeo, the fair, the circus, mount everest, any where you can walk climb ride to you can use it! The Best for hammocks! EVERYWHERE!!!! ANYTIME!!!!

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