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Home Drug Test Kit

Home Drug Test Kit
Home Drug Test KitHome Drug Test KitHome Drug Test KitHome Drug Test Kit
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Product Description

Home Drug Test Kit - Drug Prevention Testing Kit. Be sure of your results! This 5 panel home drug testing kit is the fast and private way to test anyone's urine for the presence of commonly abused drugs. This 5 panel test will give positive or negative results for Marijuana (THC), Cocaine (COC), Amphetamine (AMP), Methamphetamine (mAMP), Morphine / Opiates (OPI) and is 99.9% accurate. This is the same laboratory quality testing kit used by doctors and hospitals for fast, effective and accurate results. This is as much of a drug prevention tool as it is a testing kit. This is a unique and affordable opportunity for parents to take a proactive approach to drug prevention. Just having this kit at home make your kids know mom and dad are serious! Since the test can be administered at ANY TIME, AT HOME, with results in minutes your children will be discouraged to even try drugs since being "found out" is only seconds away! This 5 panel testing unit is easy to use and easy to read with definitive results in no time. Each drug in question has a separate test strip so you can pinpoint the exact substance or substances that the person has in their system. To use this test simply dip the test strips in the urine of the person to be tested. Lay the testing unit on a flat surface at room temperature. Allow 5 minutes for the test strips to develop, but to ensure the most accurate reading the test strip must be read within 7 minute of the initial test. One bar marked "c" is the control. The control should always have a bar next to it prior to testing, if the red bar next to the "c" does not develop the test is not accurate, which means the test results ARE DEFINITIVE. The second line labeled "T" stands for test. This test area will determine whether the drug in question is positive or negative. If there is a red or paint pink line next to the "T" area, then the test is negative and the drug test is passed. If no red line indicator develops in the test area then the results are positive, and the drug test is failed. This is a great tool for any family that want to be on top of their children's actions. This test can also be used for self screening, so you know if your "official" test results before you have to take a drug test for a job interview, court or any other reason. This kit comes complete with everything you need for one drug test. These test strips are 99.9% accurate and can be used for official use. This is an FDA CLEARED Drug Testing Product.

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