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Customizable Comfort Barbell

Customizable Comfort Barbell
Customizable Comfort BarbellCustomizable Comfort BarbellCustomizable Comfort BarbellCustomizable Comfort BarbellCustomizable Comfort Barbell
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Product Description

Customizable Comfort Barbell. The PTFE custom barbell is the biggest improvement upon body jewelry since it creation decades ago. This comfort fit hypoallergenic barbell is made of a fully customizable polymer, that is flexible and moldable for endless possibilities. This barbell allows you to choose the length, gauge, style and application with the use of a knife or a razor. This barbell is the perfect solution for people prone to allergies due to nickle or silver, and since you choose the size it is great for any body piercing including but not limited to... Naval, Ear, Eyebrow, Nipple, Tongue, Lip / Labret, and even surface type piercings. The flexible comfort material allow the jewelry to bend with your body making this jewelry less susceptible to migration or the "growing out" that plagues some piercings. This barbell comes to you over sized ready for your personal touch. This barbell measures 1 1/2'' in length (adjustable) 14 gauge(adjustable) and will fit almost any jewelry end bead you with. This jewelry forms tightly to the threads allowing you to use multiple sized beads. the self threading polymer is sure to grip even the most fussy threaded beads. This Jewelry is also perfect for Naval Piercings During Pregnancy, and of course the perfect solution for all your surface piercing needs.

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