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Bowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A Pipe

Bowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A Pipe
Bowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A Pipe
Bowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A PipeBowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A Pipe
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Product Description

Bowl Mole - Turn A Fruit Into A Pipe.
1) What the heck is a Bowl Mole?
Simple answer, it's a kitchen tool.
A kitchen tool that can be used outdoors or indoors, up high or down low. It's a kitchen tool that would not look out of place in a toolbox or a glove box, it fits snugly in a purse, backpack, or God forbid - a fanny pack. It's a take anywhere type of kitchen tool, carry-on next to your travelin' shoes, if so needed. Whether you are or are not a MacGyver yourself, you should probably carry one with you, you'll find it can come in handy.
2) OK, wise guy, what does 'this' kitchen tool do?
It makes a countersunk bowl or V-shaped hole out of hard bodied fruits and vegetables. It also can make a couple of other holes or chambers/passageways, one narrow and the other wide.
3) Great! Now, how or why would I use it?
Let's be honest, most people use it to make a smoking pipe out of a fruit or vegetable. Instead of using glass, which is fragile, difficult to clean and expensive, use a pear. Instead of rolling up a fattie, which not everyone can do for a number of reasons, be it too wet or dry, to small or big, arthritis or impatience, just load a cucumber. Forget about the vaporizer, at least on the go or in party situations. Just get out a pineapple! Wood or metal pipe? Come on, it's 2012. Seriously.
Other uses include removing seeds from peppers, cutting the 'eye' out of potatoes, removing imperfections in fruits and vegetables, carving exquisite sculptures (or at least a tool in the box for doing so), annoy your significant other with fruit wads, poke holes in veggies before microwaving so they don't explode, pack your Legal Herbs into a rolling paper...so you can your rolled smoke into a strawberry for tasty puffs, start the peeling of an orange or use it as an expensive straw. If you have some other ideas, you can get a free one if you make a video showing us how you use it.
4)Does it taste good?
Sure it does! Watch some of the other videos we have on the site, hear it from them. Really, there is nothing quite like sitting on top of a mountain, smoking out of a crisp, delicious green pepper. Ha! Green pepper? Yep, and the smoke just swirls around inside and comes out so sharp and crisp. Absolutely phenomenal. Strawberries are soo sweet too.
5) Can I eat the fruit or vegetable when I'm done?
You betcha!
6) Do I need to wash the tool or the vegetables/fruits?
I do. Fruits and vegetable have juices that will make your tool sticky or slimy. A quick rinse in hot water usually works, but by all means, use soap too. As far as washing the fruit or vegetable - we lean towards yes as well. Now, you don't have to, either before or after, but we do. Take potatoes for example, if you don't wash it first (and you are making a pipe) you will probably taste the dirt the potato came out of. Some people are in to smoking straight out of the ground though. Snowballs are as far as we've personally gone. Washing afterward may be unnecessary or not possible, especially if out hiking or recreating. Just eat around the bowl and chambers, much like you do the core of an apple and toss it when you're done. It is not bad for the environment, remember it's just a piece of fruit. It will be rotten and gone in under a week.

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