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Bob Marley Army Hat

Bob Marley Army Hat
Bob Marley Army HatBob Marley Army HatBob Marley Army Hat
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Product Description

Bob Marley Army Hat. You might think that in the army, cotton just won't cut it. But oh, 'twill, 'twill. Trust us; you're in the fashion army now and your mamas aren't here to take care of you. So sound off like you got a pair of socks because they are really important in fashion warfare, but the Cotton Twill Army Cap goes much better with the full ensemble. So whether it's marching in unison, cleaning the head, or dropping to do a hundred pushups, the Bob Marley Revolutionary Army Hat is the model of head protection for the combat of life. And life, as we all know, can be combative.

This Bob Marley Army Hat faeture an embroided Bob Marley Design on the front left of the hat. On the side is a lion printed in white and 3 embroided stars on the brim.

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