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Beer Bottle Opener Ring

Beer Bottle Opener Ring
Beer Bottle Opener RingBeer Bottle Opener RingBeer Bottle Opener Ring
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Product Description

Beer Bottle Opener Ring: Let me set the scene: itís the party of the year, champagne is called for, you reach in your friendís drawers (no, not those drawers, you perv) and you canít seem to locate the bottle opener. Aggghhh! And that girl was going to give you her number when you arrived back at her side with a glass of bubbly. What are you going to do? Remain calm, you tell yourself. Keep your head about you, you tell yourself.

But guess what? Youíre saved! That silly gadget that your pals got you as a holiday gift is right on the tip of your finger! Youíre going to get that number after all! Youíre saved by the Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Ring. Hooray! Drinks all around!!!!

This Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Ring Thing is a somewhat hidden treasure on your finger. Itís a comfort to wear & itís guaranteed for life. With just the flick of your stainless steel ring will open every bottle you throw at it, itís just up to you to get that girlís number. Good luck & may you wear it in good fortune. Ships in assorted average ring sizes.

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