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Price: $5.99
Sorry, this item is out of stock.
Product Description

You wont believe your eyes, it's The AMAZING Fold-a-Pie. Fold-a-Pipe is the worlds first emergency pipe that you can carry with you discreetly at all times. What happens when you want to smoke a pipe but you cant carry your pipe with you? We all love going to concerts, shows, clubs and bars but security at these places deters us from bringing our pipes, plus who would want to bring their beloved glass pipe out on the town? Fold-a-Pipe is your solution that is 100% guaranteed to save you in a time of need! Fold-a-Pipe is a thin stainless steel card no larger the an ordinary credit card that fits neatly and discreetly in your wallet and folds in to a fully functional smoking pipe. Fold-a-Pipe is easy to assemble and take mear minutes to fold this seemingly innocent sheet of metal in to a sturdy and powerful smoking device. Fold-a-Pipe features a built in screen so no sediment passes threw Fold-a-Pipe's over-sized bowl head. The Amazing Fold-a-Pipe will have you smoking in no time and is perfect as a back up pipe that can be carried with you at all times. The coolest thing about Fold-a-Pipe is in it's unassembled state it would never be seen to be a functional pipe. Fold-a-Pipe is reusable and strong enough to be used again and again. Fold-a-Pipe includes one Fold-a-Pipe card in a cardboard sleeve with step by step folding instructions. Fold it, Pack it, Smoke it!

**Note.  All smoking Accessories on this site must be paid for with a Major Credit Card.  We are unable to accept any other forms of payment for smoking related items.

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